Is Facebooknormative a thing?

I found myself surprised when I met someone new who didn’t have Facebook. How would we ever connect again?!

Sure there’s email and snail mail, but I’ve never been very good at keeping up communications this way.

It made me think though, have we (I) gotten to a place where we assume everyone we meet is on Facebook? Is this the new “normative”- the assumption that everyone is on Facebook and that this is the only ‘right way’ for them to be? Could someone face discrimination of any form for not being on social media? (not getting a job? a date? an invite to parties discussing this week in memes?)

I joined Facebook in early 2007, just before it really exploded in popularity. In seven years and with 1.28 billion active users around the globe (, has it become so ingrained as to be the assumed norm? (in countries with internet access, smart phones, tablets and computers in every home)

I suspect this concept, or something like it referring to social media, will become a term used in the near future.  Maybe I’ve just coined it!

As has been the pattern with my posts, I ask more questions than I provide answers. What do you think about this idea of Facebooknormative? Have you caught yourself assuming that everyone you meet is on Facebook?


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