Frequency: more questions than answers

Having recently watched Inner Worlds Outer Worlds  I’ve been visualizing and reflecting a lot on the connections between energy and frequency and vibration and the patterns that make up our material reality (matter/anti-matter). I’m not a physicist or quantum physicist, merely a curious seeker.

The first thing I’ve been conscious of relates to sound and how frequencies change the way we feel, how matter moves and arranges itself. As someone who sings (as a hobby), I am always learning more about the technical aspects of music. What amazes me is how despite not having formal training, my mind has an understanding of major and minor keys, intervals, pitch… and I have to ask myself the question: how? Why was I moved to tears at the climax of this piece: Hurt by 2 Cellos ? Some ‘royal we’ how questions: How do we know that minor keys make for sad sound? Is this something we learned? Discovered? Know by exposure? Or is it because our cells resonate with these frequencies to the point that we feel the associated emotion as a chain reaction of sorts to the vibrational response in our body to the sounds heard? How did the first composers know? Was it an experiment all along, try this and see how it makes you feel?

When watching the Amazing Resonance Experiment, so many questions arise. (5201 Hz is my favorite) How do the grains of sand know how to arrange themselves? How is it decided where they will go? Is there something innate in the sand? Can this experiment be expanded to explain other pattern and formation phenomena? Does this apply to the formation of our universe, for example? To humans? Maybe the stuff we haven’t figured out yet in terms of the big bang and why our cells do what they do comes down to frequency, or the resonance of the surrounding energy acting on the matter. If there was literally a big bang, did this sound produce everything and all possibilities? forever expanding and contracting, birth, living, death…this process exists in the Universe, our planets, individuals. It’s mind blowing. Did the big bang resonate and produce matter and patterns in matter that organized themselves based on the frequency? Does this account for variability because the sound would have to travel through time and space and be transmitted through matter so by the moment it reached each individual ‘thing’ it is a different frequency causing different patterns to form? Will we one day be able to register the great energy of the Universe and have an understanding of how it began, functions, and impacts all things? Is this the great meetup between the divine and our mind’s understanding of science?

I don’t know if I want answers, or if I have merely enjoyed the process of asking these questions. I’m excited to witness my mind behaving curiously and asking questions. I’m both intellectually and spiritually curious and have never felt more sure that the two are intertwined. Much of today has been spent pondering this, where science and divinity meet, and I’m tired now. Off to rest and listen to music!



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